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The AMAA was honored to have so many of the TOP Experts in the USA lecturing at the 2018 Conference.

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Opening Comments

Garry R. Lee, MD & AMAA Executive Director

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Keynote: MedAesthetic Treatments – The Vycross Experience 

Voluma®, Volbella®, and Vollure®, Oh My!

Things that injectable fillers do to make you look younger and how they do it!

Voluma contains the most cross-linked (thickest)​, highest g prime gel ​(strongest)​ —ideal for deep injection into the cheek area to get a nice lift and volume boost. Volbella contains the thinnest, most spreadable gel—perfect to fill fine lip lines or even smooth the delicate area under the eyes. Vollure combines a “happy medium” of durability and spread ability to treat nasolabial folds while allowing for natural facial expressions and movements.  

Carol Clinton, MD

Dr. Clinton is the founder, CEO and Medical Director of Timeless Skin Solutions. Timeless is recognized as a groundbreaking, physician-directed skin care practice helping men, women, and teens achieve healthy and vibrant skin, reflecting her compassion, attention to detail, and high standards for patient care.

As a national expert in her field, Dr. Clinton is a sought after medical aesthetics educator and trainer. She can often be found speaking or training around the country on topics such as advanced injectable techniques and best practices for medical aesthetic offices.

Keynote Session Sponsored by Allergan


New Uses and Novel Applications of Pulsed Light…That Will ENERGIZE and Surprise You!

Since the introduction of Intense Pulsed Light for photo-rejuvenation nearly twenty years ago by Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD, IPL has become recognized as one of the most commonly performed and popular skin treatments in the world. From the one original IPL device there are now more than thirty manufacturers of IPL devices and more than ten thousand IPL devices installed worldwide. Over the past twenty years, new developments in IPL techniques, advances in IPL technology and scientific studies have opened the door to a number of new uses and applications beyond photo-rejuvenation. Dr. Bitter will present twelve new uses of pulsed light that includes rejuvenation of lips, pain reduction, body contouring and enhancement of sexual pleasure.

Patrick Bitter Jr., MD


Dr. Bitter is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in non-surgical anti-aging medicine, using treatments to improve skin health and delay aging. He is the pioneer and inventor of the world famous FotoFacial® procedure. Dr. Bitter’s attention to detail and passion for beautiful, healthy skin led him to create numerous groundbreaking technologies and procedures using light to make skin look clearer, smoother, healthier, and younger.

Dr. Bitter has authored several scientific papers on the use of pulsed light for skin rejuvenation, is a sought after lecturer and teacher, and has taught over 4,000 physicians worldwide in the use of pulsed light.


Ten Pearls in Twenty Minutes – MedAesthetic Panel Discussion

Both new and experienced MedAesthetic Practitioners can benefit from the techniques and approaches that have been developed by others through years of patient treatment and practice development. The panelists will share their tips and best practices that attendees can take back to their own practices and implement to further their own practice success.

Patrick Bitter Jr, MD

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Phil Hong Nguyen, MD


Dr. Nguyen has grown Happy Clinic Denver from startup to ranking in the TOP 15 of 30,000+ Allergan Practices in the USA.

A licensed physician in Colorado, Indiana and California, he has been preforming cosmetic/aesthetic procedures since 2001. Dr. Phil prides himself in being an artist, having minored in Fine Arts Studio for his undergraduate studies and he naturally gravitated to the cosmetic/aesthetic field of medicine.

As one of the most experienced and sought after cosmetic physicians in the country, Dr. Phil takes great pride in giving his patients a natural looking appearance, and sees 1,000 faithful patients a month.

Charles Runels, MD


Dr. Runels is internationally renown as the creator of the “O-Shot” (Orgasm) and the “P-Shot” (Priapus) as well as the Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breastlift® and Vampire Winglift®, and has been featured on national television, in multiple publications, and as a contributor to several scientific articles.

In cosmetic medicine, he designed a specific way of using growth factors to rejuvenate the face and body, and founded the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association to promote further investigation in that area.

His innovative approach made him a sought-after practitioner and lecturer, training physicians worldwide in the areas of cosmetic medicine and sexual health.

Moderator, Garry R. Lee, MD & AMAA Executive Director

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Combining All the Treatments in Your Toolbox for Amazing Results + My SECRETS on How to Insert Laser Eye Shields–Effectively and Safely

Discussion & Video Demonstration

Most offices have many tools at their disposal, but often only use one or two in a patient’s treatment plan. This talk will help you understand your patients’ full aesthetic ideal result and better understand how a full range of injectables and skin improvement treatments can work synergistically to give them optimal results. There will also be a video demonstration of how multiple laser and energy-based results can be combined in a single session. The video will also include a brief tutorial on how to insert eye shields – add this one easy procedure to your office and you’ll pay for your attendance the very first time you do it!

Rebecca Gelber, MD

Dr. Gelber is the owner of Tahoe Aesthetic Medicine, a practice devoted to obtaining maximal nonsurgical patient results through combinations of light and laser therapy, thread therapy, regenerative cell therapies, and a range of injectables.

 She graduated from John Hopkins School of Medicine, taught at UC Davis and UNR, completed the A4M aesthetic fellowship, and was awarded Best Overall Facial MakeOver at 2016’s THE Aesthetic Show. She teaches globally on aesthetic topics helping clinicians improve their technical skills and office success, and advances her own training to provide the highest level of medical experience to share with patients and students.


Keynote: MedAesthetic Trends – Sculptra Aesthetic: The Secret to Youthful Looking Skin

This presentation will introduce the science of Sculptra® Aesthetic- a poly-L-lactic based treatment that works deep within the skin to help stimulate college production with clinical results of up to 2 years.  Learn more about the mechanism of action, ideal patient types and treatment schedule to produce safe and effective patient outcomes with high satisfaction.  Surveys suggest the majority of women would choose duration over immediacy when considering an injectable filler treatment, and 80% of study subjects reported high satisfaction with Sculptra Aesthetic at month 25. Move beyond filling lines and wrinkles and provide your patients with natural looking, long lasting results with Sculptra Aesthetic.


Dr. McCoy is one of most accomplished physicians practicing aesthetic medicine in Arizona and recognizes that patients want to look and feel good, and that optimizing internal health is connected to enhancing the external appearance. He is recognized as an innovator and physician trainer for multiple technologies and techniques in cosmetic medicine.

Dr. McCoy, the first Naturopathic Physician AACS member, has devoted his specialization, passion and entire practice to the art of less-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation, weight-management, and natural bio-identical hormone therapy since 2003, finding innovative solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive surgery delivering beautiful results naturally.
Keynote Session Sponsored by Galderma


MedAesthetic Practice Success – Approaches including Masseter Botox® Tips, Lessons Learned, Marketing Secrets to Grow Your Non-Core Business

MedAesthetic and Business Panel Discussion

Today’s practitioner must stay at the forefront of the latest trends, treatments, and approaches to be successful. Many new practices struggle to differentiate themselves in an already crowded field and established practices must continue to demonstrate leadership and innovation. The panelists will share their experiences and provide their insights on practical ways to develop, market, and grow a successful business.

Tatiana Alexeev, NP

Tatiana, a Board Certified nurse practitioner specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, strives to achieve great naturally looking results for her patients.

A practitioner at Advanced Medical Aesthetics in Chicago area, which ranks 52nd among the 30,000+ Allergan practices in the USA, she is an experienced injector with an artistic eye and a gentle touch. Trained in the latest techniques by leading injectors from the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, and Brazil, she is passionate about continuing education.

Tatiana has spearheaded in-depth educational possibilities for aesthetic professionals through training companies such as Allergan and the American Institute of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dana Fox, President


Dana leads a full-service experienced medical marketing agency, focused on their clients’ success. Strategic Edge works with practices, medical spas, and industry suppliers across the aesthetics industry and knows what resonates with the needs and expectations of today’s patients, providers, and industry suppliers.

For many years, they have worked with, observed, and evaluated hundreds of practices and businesses, gaining an invaluable perspective they use to help their clients businesses thrive. From completely personalized logos and brand development, to beautifully designed and responsive websites, and much more, to engage each organization’s prospective patients or customers and get them to take action.

Moderator, Lydia Zaffini, CMO

Lydia brings 25+ years sales, marketing and operations experience to the AMAA, with responsibility for marketing strategy and delivery. Throughout her career, she has run sales, services, and marketing organizations, developed and produced events ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees, helped create and implement business strategies for early stage companies, new and existing lines of business, geographic and offerings expansions, and acquisition targets.

Her background includes management positions at Apple and IBM, executive positions at early stage software and services companies, and line of business management at TSIA. She also serves as a REALTOR® with Realty ONE Group.


MedAesthetic Techniques – The Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breastlift® and More Platelet-Rich Plasma Applications

An overview of how the science of wound care using PRP developed over the past 15 years (with over 9,000 papers indexed by PubMed) can be applied to improving the appearance of the face & breasts and to the improvement sexual function in both men and women by using the known benefits of platelet rich plasma. These affects include neovascularization, collagen production, fibroblast proliferation, neurogenesis, and down-regulation of the autoimmune response. Both research and technique involving these principles will be reviewed. Possible areas for future research will also be presented.

Charles Runels, MD

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The Business of Aesthetic Medicine

Which Corporation?  CPA 2018 Tax Tips! How to Design Your Procedure Menu to Maximize Sales & Your Money!

Business Operations Panel Discussion

To build and grow a successful practice, both treatment offerings and techniques and the legal, financial and operational structure of a practice are equally important and critical to both survive and thrive. The panelists will discuss the “back office” infrastructure you need to consider and “front office” approaches to create a unique business proposition for return on investment and long term success.

Sam Miles, CPA

Sam is the owner of Cornerstone CPAs, providing accounting services to individuals and business owners, with a package of offerings that includes tax preparation, audit, short and long term business planning, virtual bookkeeping and oversight services and more, to help their clients structure their company’s financial presence.

With experience working for both large and small accounting firms, Sam is familiar with complex accounting systems and tax situations and also understands how small companies work. His unique background allows him to provide expert advice and teach companies and people how to implement systems that ensure critical information is captured and reported correctly.

Rebecca Gelber, MD

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Moderator, Lydia Zaffini, CMO

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The Future of Aesthetic Medicine

The future trends of aesthetic medicine are quite clear.  Facial fillers are growing faster than any other cosmetic treatments.  Social Media and mini-reality TV are turning every smart phone into a global broadcasting center. And behavior modification will determine future health and aesthetic outcomes.  Patients will determine their health and aesthetic outcomes based on healthy or unhealthy behaviors.  The challenge for aesthetic providers will be how to modify patient behavior, encourage healthy activities, and prevent unhealthy activities.  The leaders of tomorrow will master the ability to influence and direct patient behavior.

Richard Castellano, MD


In his award-winning Practice Profitability MD coaching and mentoring program, Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and experienced facial rejuvenation artist whose specialties include the latest laser and filler techniques, Dr. Rich Castellano will train and teach you the proven strategies and techniques he used to take his practice from the brink of bankruptcy to generating over $3 million per year in cosmetic revenue – as a sole provider – with NO insurance reimbursement. Practice Profitability MD now trains doctors all over the world with powerful results and guaranteed satisfaction!  Results vary, and we will support individual needs.


I Won THE Aesthetic Award…and How You Can, Too…and The 2018 Non-Surgery Update

Using Laughing Gas for Aesthetics; Sculptra/Kybella Using Microcannula; the Newest HA Filler—Revanesse Versa; Awesome Combination Scar Treatment Techniques

A key to success in every MedAesthetic practice is the ongoing development and implementation of new approaches to deliver positive results for your patients. Dr. Lee has spent several years creating procedures that have been recognized via wins at The Aesthetic Show and World Competition, and documented in his best-selling book, The First Book of Aesthetic Microcannula.  In this presentation and demonstration session he will share several of his techniques, tips and secrets, including:  the LeeXX, Wiggle, and aspiration advanced microcannula filler injection techniques using microcannula to inject Sculptra and Kybella, Microcannula Bruise Reduction technique, and his new Combination Technology Scar Reduction Technique.

Garry R. Lee, MD & AMAA Executive Director


Dr. Lee is internationally recognized for his advanced minimally invasive cosmetic techniques.  A Winner of the USA Aesthetic Award as the Best Facial Injectable Enhancement Physician, he also led the USA to Second Place in the 2015 World Competition for Best Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC). 

A frequent lecturer and trainer, he is the inventor of the Lee Aspirator and author of many articles and the First Book of Aesthetic Microcannula. In addition to his many honors, Dr. Lee is also a member of the Allergan New Core and Galderma National Advisory Boards.


Closing Comments & Next Steps

Garry R. Lee, MD & AMAA Executive Director

(See bio above)